Perform at Diwali Festival

Your community needs you so consider performing at Bhartiyam Festival. Please send an email to indicating following details.
Name of the Item:
Name and Contact Information) of the Teacher / Director / School:
Type of the Item:
Brief Description:
Number of Participants:
Stage Requirements (Number of microphones, Lights, Music etc.):
OK to Release Pictures/Video of Participants for Online or Paper Publication: Y/N
Other Comments:

Please refer to the following guidelines before you submit your entries. It will help us manage this program better.

1 Tickets are required for participants to cover food and event expenses.
2 Parents (and/or siblings/friends etc.) need to purchase tickets to enter the venue, no exceptions. 
3 Pictures or video of your performance can be provided to choreographer, if requested. 
4 Minimum age of a participant should be five (5) years. Exceptions will not be considered. 
5 We require minimum six participants (minimum eight for kids) at the stage at any given time.
6 The minimum duration (length) of the program should be 5 minutes and not exceeding 10 minutes.
7 Change to the concept, music, song, participants list and duration of the performance, etc. will not be permitted.
8 You are required to attend a meeting one week prior to the event to discuss any special requirements.
9 Please send music in mp3 format, either online or flash drive.
10 Your Costumes, Gestures, song selection should be age appropriate to younger audience.

Thank you for your cooperation and adhering to these guidelines.